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303 North Rosser
office (870) 633-2921
fax (870) 633-5921


Welcome to the homepage of Forrest City Water Utility. In an attempt to better communicate with our customers and our community, this site offers information concerning our water, company, fees, and services. We hope you find this site educational and informative. To access additional information, select the links on the left.

Mission Statement

The Forrest City Water Utility’s MISSION is to provide adequate potable water and wastewater collection/treatment to the Citizens of Forrest City that meets all standards set forth by the Arkansas Department of   Health and Human Services, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with professional service at an efficient cost.

ADEQ                        ADH AWWA


Sewer Collections Crew Cleaning a Manhole at St Francis and Izard.